After trying a sample, our entire team has now purchased Sharkskin. We find the product of exceptional quality and perfect for protection from the elements during both patrols and competitions. Whether constantly in the water or in the boat exposed to the surf and wind, Sharkskin has become an essential addition to our team uniform. Not just to ...

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-Scott Bryant

Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club - Inshore Rescue Boat Team Captain NSW & World IRB Champions, Scott Bryant

Sharkskin is all about staying warm and avoiding wind chill on and around the water. The Performance Top allows for that without the chance of overheating and keeping the wearer safe from the sun at the same time. New Zealand's weather can often expose us to four seasons in one day which the Performance Top deals with like no other product out t...

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-Rob Fort

Kayak Fishing & Spearfishing Guide, Soft Bait Pro Fisherman, Fishing Writer, Marine Photographer

I've found the Sharkskin range to be perfect for staying comfortable in even the worst conditions - whether out training for Coast to Coast, an AR race or simply a big mission it is brilliant both as an outer layer and as the insulating layer under a dry top. The most impressive thing is how warm it remains when wet and it's become a stable part...

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-Richard Ussher

Elite Multisport And Adventure Athlete And 5 Time Winner Of NZ Coast To Coast Event, NZ

My philosophy for adventure is simple, "No boundaries, No limits". From high altitudes to extreme depths, whenever I prepare for action I find my Rapid Dry is one of the first things I pack!

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-Mike Wells

Record Holding Freediver, RAID Instructor, , Pro Adventure Athlete

For me competing on Jetski with Sharkskin has been a very positive experience. The garments give me the comfort I need during resistance trials. The fabric is light and regulates my body temperature the whole time. Without doubt the binomial sportswear-pilot is very important in my speciality and Sharkskin gives me the protection I need.

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-Lia Barrett

Professional Underwater, Topside Photographer

For me competing on Jetski with Sharkskin has been a very positive experience. The garments give me the comfort I need during resistance trials. The fabric is light and regulates my body temperature the whole time. Without doubt the binomial sportswear-pilot is very important in my speciality and Sharkskin gives me the protection I need.

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-Juan Felix Bravo

Guiness World Record Holder, Holder (2009)

I have worn Sharkskin's Performance Wear Long Sleeve top in all kinds of conditions sun, rain, wind, in lakes, rivers, in the sea, calm waters and in wild waters. Sharkskin garments are tight yet the movement of the body is great because of the quality of the material. I can move perfectly in it. Sharkskin is warm where it needs to be, it's 100%...

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-Jot Zakrajek

Flatwater Kayaker, Flatwater Kayaker

This is the quickest drying paddle garment imaginable. Perfect for 2 hour downwind training runs to Waiheke Island and catching the ferry back. Even in cold southerlies and rain nothing is lighter, warmer or drier.

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-Jeremy Stephenson

Starboard SUP International Ocean Racer, NZ SUP Champion And Director Of SUPSNZ

Even on the coldest mornings all I need is a long sleeve thermal and my Sharkskin. It have found it allows me to keep warm in a variety of conditions and the rain is no issue. I've also been using it on the surf ski and it's brilliant. I've hopped off into the water just to test it out and found that it really keeps me warm even when wet. I also...

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-Gordon Walker

International Multisport Athlete And 3 Time Winner Of NZ Coast To Coast Event, NZ

We need a garment that gives us some insulation and dries quickly when wet. The Sharkskin Rapid Dry product is perfect - not as cold as lycra or spandex garments and dries super fast keeping us warm when training or competing.

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-Global Dive

Globaldive.net, Globaldive.net

Multisport for me is a year-round obsession. Living in Wanaka I am faced with climatic extremes on an almost daily basis. My competitive advantage often comes from my willingness to train in all conditions. My Sharkskin gear matches my attitude perfectly. Whether it is snowing on Lake Wanaka, blowing a gale on the Clutha River or the sun is roas...

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-Dougal Allan

Multisport & Adventure Racing Athlete, Wanaka

Sharkskin has to be the best thermal garment I've used for my Kitesurfing. Comfortable, warm and lightweight it's great when the wind chill gets down. During the winter months can be especially hard while teaching but with my Sharksins under my wetsuit I'm fine even with the harshest southerlies.

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-Deane Joyce

Auckland Kitesurf Centre (Head Instructor) , Auckland

I first discovered Sharkskin when I was working as a Dive Master on the Great Barrier Reef and instantly fell in love with it. It was perfect to wear under my wetsuit and also provided protection when the water temperatures were not quite cold enough to wear a wetsuit. I always pack mine when travelling as you never know when you may end up in t...

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-Chantelle Derez

Primary Diver & Rescue Swimmer, Aboard The Sea Shepherd

I've paddled in the Sharkskin Chest Vest in some really cold and windy Christchurch winter conditions. I really like how it stays dry on the inside and the fleece type material is really comfortable against the body. It doesn't feel like other 'wetsuit' vests as it moulds and moves with the paddling action and doesn't restrict me at all. You can...

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-Ben Keys

Canoe Racing NZ Performance Athlete, NZ

I was introduced to Sharkskin while training through one of Europe's harshest winters contending with snow, blizzards and freezing temperatures training on the Thames in London and competing throughout Europe. One of the challenges of SUP training is that you get really hot when you are out on the water training, but wearing a wetsuit and/or mul...

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-Annabel Anderson

Professional Stand Up Paddleboarder, Professional

Stand Up Paddling has you above the water, exposed to the elements and wind chill is always major factor. With Sharkskin's products being 100% windproof I find the range boasts extremely comfortable garments that have the same warmth as a full wetsuit, but are more lightweight and offer increased flexibility, a must when competing in national an...

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-Beau Nixon

Australian SUP Champion, Australian SUP

At my age and being of Polynesian descent, I hate being cold! Optimal temperature while training and racing is vital for enjoyment and successful performance. I use the Long Pants and Sleeveless Vest for the bulk of my paddle training, which is a combination of ocean surf ski, down river and white water. The major advantage I discovered with Sha...

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-Nathan Faavae

2012 Adventure Racing World Champion, Adventure Racing

I have been using Sharkskin for over 5 years. Sharkskin is my garment of choice for warm water diving plus they make a big difference under a wetsuit in cooler waters. If I keep suited up between dives my Sharkskin is far more comfortable than my wetsuit with neither the chill or overheating of a wetsuit. My crew have been using Sharkskin for lo...

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-Mike Ball

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

We were paddling in 5 degree water with a air temp of 26 degrees and the Sharkskin paddling pants and tops kept us warm in the cold water without making us over heat in the warm air. While competing you need a product that can adapt to different weather conditions without compromising your performance and sharkskin have found the perfect balance...

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-Kris Kingston

Member Of The Champion Australian Rafting Team, Australia

There are three branches of white water kayaking - extreme creek boating, which involves paddling creeks and waterfalls; freestyle, surfing river waves and tricks; and slalom which is a timed race while negotiating a series of gates. I am heavily involved in Slalom training but do spread my time over all three branches. I am proud to wear the si...

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-Finn Butcher

Slalom Kayaker, NZL

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